#BikeForEurope 2018

Tijdens het Ladies Bike Festival zullen op vrijdag 7 september en zaterdag 8 september de deelnemers van #BikeForEurope deelnemen aan het programma.

Benieuwd naar #BikeForEurope? Lees hieronder meer over dit waanzinnige project of bekijk de website: https://nowwebike.nowwemove.com 


#BikeForEurope Project Overview

Bike for Europe is a cross-border cycling tour which aims to promote the bicycle as a sustainable and active means of transportation, physical activity in general as well as international co-operation between European countries with a special focus on the social inclusion through sport. Two teams of cyclists will cycle across Europe, starting on 1 September separately from two different countries, the Netherlands and Greece. The tour will finish on 22 September in Vienna, Austria, which is hosting the Presidency of the Council of the European Union, and be part of the official opening of the European Week of Sport 2018.

The tour will be led by the two teams and joined by citizens from 11 different countries. Several side-events are being organised not only along the route but also in cities off the route. Examples of these activations can be Bike Yoga, cycling workshops for migrants or touristic sightseeing tours on the bicycle. Even if no #BikeForEurope event is taking place near you, you have still the chance to participate in our online #BikeForEurope Kilometre Donation Challenge and do something good for you and people in need!